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LJ-moods palette - J-letter!

izida_2011 - here is the next letter for you:) Such a short list – but what an interesting translation for “jealous”!

English               -            Русский

jealous                 -          ревнивый, ревнующий; завидующий, завистливый; бдительный, заботливый

jubilant                -          ликующий, торжествующий


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Apr. 21st, 2012 08:13 pm (UTC)
Thank U for the "J" letter)
actually I could translate it by myself, but I wan't sure if U would prefer to write Your part of the story before I continue my)

*song is just to the point)))*
Apr. 21st, 2012 09:15 pm (UTC)
the Stolen Boat
- May be you can do it? - she asked Nyord with an archly intonation in her voice.
- Oh! My dear! "Love" is such a complicated feeling that it is impossible to describe it in few words, you see...
-Well...in such a case, my dear, I won't help you, forget about my words and about me at all. Have a nice day - he-he,and today in the evening you will see how this handsome Teel will be kissed by your beloved Deyda.
-Oh no! It won't happen, cruel squirrel, how dare you are to say such words! Get away from my house, I'll cope with the task without your help!
-No problem - she said, waved him by her furry tail a little bit apathetic to his problems and ran very quickly away in order to check if everything was OK with her treasure...

Nyord was standing and thinking about the speaking squirrel as a strange dream and then with jealous look at the new boat of the Sly Groom,which was getting dry on the sand not far from his house. As for the Sly Groom himself, he had disappered somewhere and nobody could find him since yesterday.

Suddenly Nyord ran to this boat, untied it and very quickly sailed on it far away from the coast. At that moment Nyord was thinking about Teel and that he didn't wont to see the jubilant smile on Teel's face at the moment Deyda would kiss him.No! He will find another black pearl and his competitor would have never be kissed by Deyda...

At that moment Quelle ran to the old tree, found her two pearls and suddenly saw a strange announcement with her face drawn on it and crossed with the capital letters sounding as "WANTED".
"Oh no! It's high time to take my pearls and to went away from here", - she thought...
Apr. 27th, 2012 09:02 pm (UTC)
Thank U for the translation, I'll copy it here, too...

lazy ленивый, распологающий к лени
lethargic апатичный, безразличный, вялый
listless апатичный, бездеятельный, безразличный, вялый
lonely одинокий, страдающий от одиночества
loved любимый

by the way, I think that it is a little bit symbolic, that the last word in this my fairy-tail will be "loved" - don't U think)

Edited at 2012-04-27 09:02 pm (UTC)
Apr. 27th, 2012 10:01 pm (UTC)
The End )
"Oh no! It's high time to take my pearls and to went away from here", - she thought and all her lуthargic mood disappeared in one moment.She looked with a listless look at the artificial pearl ( she didn't discover it's magiс qualities yet) and threw it away somewhere to the seaside,just to the place where the lonely Teel had been walking at this moment.

Quelle took the natural Black pearl, looked once more on the capital letters "WANTED" and ran as quickly as she could to the unknown direction, far away from this forest, from this village, from these people, far away from the Great Apathetic Mountains...up hill and down dale...somewhere to the cloister, where she wouldn't be found, where she could live and create a new religion for herself...

At that moment Teel suddenly saw that a little black round object fall down on the sand, came to it and found out that it was the fifth pearl - just underfoot! He couln't belive his eyes and thought about the force of the fortuity! How happy he was, that Deyda would kiss him this evening, he took this pearl and went home...

Nyord sailed as far as he could on this stolen Sly Groom's boat, found the biggest black pearl he had never found before and was happy to return back not empty-handed. The only problem was that when he was sailing back, the weather became worse and because of the sudden blow of the wind the Sly Groom's boat was crashed on the rock, the breach appeared in it and it sank. It was a kind of the element's revenge to the Sly Groom for the Nyords' burnt boat..don't U think?)

In the evening both Teel and Nyord presented to Deyda black pearls, but at the very moment Teel gave her the fifth pearl and she put it together with the four another one, they organized the solid one pearl and disappered. She was shocked and only at that moment upderstood that the pearl was magic, but couln't find it. The Magic pearl returned back to it's Owner. Inspite of it the pearl melt the frozen heart of Deyda when Nyord showed his pearl and she fall in love with him - the first time in her life! She suddenly thought about her real name - Percefona and smiled. Why I am hidding my real beautiful name? No more Deyda, I'm Persefona - this is my name given to me my mother Freya - she suddenly told Nyord, came and kissed him with a loved kiss. In a month there was a wedding in the village :)

Teel understood that he is unwanted here, he took his belongings and went to the trip. When he came back, he was free from passion to Deyda-Persefona, he was ready for another love, another girl, another life.

As for the Sly Groom, he was drived out from the village, because one witness saw how he burnt Nyord boat and told this fact to everybody. Since the time the truth was found out, he ran away and lived as a lonely shepherd on the bottom of the Great Apathetic Mountains.
Dec. 5th, 2013 09:56 pm (UTC)
когда перечитывала только сидела и удивлялась что это я же и писала всё.. вообще не помнила кто есть кто и забыла о чём оно всё)
Dec. 6th, 2013 02:29 pm (UTC)

а у меня так руки еще и не дошли - вообще забыла об этом, пока этот твой коммент не увидела

а что было прикольно и увлекательно - помню)
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